Ladies Night

Comedy by Stephen Sinclair & Anthony McCarten


Six unemployed men don't know what to do: the factory is closed, conveyor belts are at a standstill, the warehouses are as empty as their wallets. The men are unemployed! That scratches at the ego. They are stuck - in life, in their relationships and increasingly in a downward spiral of drinking, depression and fights. How can you still feel like a real man? The money is now brought home by the women, who enjoy themselves at a strip show after work.

One bar night, they come up with the idea that saves the day: undress? They can do that too! Six men refuse to give in and don't want to stay stuck in their living rooms.

Retraining is the order of the day: we're going to become strippers!


But striptease is also hard physical and mental work, because everything revolves around the big question: what women want.



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