The future belongs to curiosity! In the Zingst Experimentarium, just a few steps away from the Baltic Sea beach, all curious people can experience selected laws of physics and mathematics in a playful, amusing way.

Hands-on science - the Zingst Experimentarium is a house for little researchers and big discoverers. Try out the strangest things, rack your brains with brainteasers and get inspired - all this is possible in the Experimentarium. At more than 70 experimental stations, physics sourpusses and physics freaks alike will feel right at home, because you don't need any prior knowledge for the experiments, just a good dose of curiosity!

Creative place for clever tinkerers - sawing, filing, grinding, drilling, painting - in the numerous workshops of the Experimentarium, guests young and old get to grips with a wide variety of materials under expert guidance. Here, models, jewelry and other eye-catchers are created that can be taken home immediately. Of course, the course instructors help with the crafts and always have a helpful tip at the ready.

Theater for young and old - On the Experimentarium show stage you can not only experience theater, but also play. Here, pirates tell the most amazing stories, participants can compete with each other in the Helleum knowledge show, and everyone can get a taste of the circus at the hands-on circus.

Fun and games in the fresh air - a ship is stranded in the middle of Zingst! Little pirates and explorers can board the ship, go on a great voyage and even slide off the deck into the sea of sand. Outside the Experimentarium there is also more space to romp and discover. Around the small lighthouse, which most people only know by the name Alter Lutz, there is a water playground. Right next to it, you can try out a wide variety of sports equipment.


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Seestraße 76
18374 Zingst

Telephone: +49 (0)38232 172123